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Striving to deliver more income with less risk and greater returns

Designed for investors looking for lower-risk equity market exposure or those drawing down on their savings, such as retirees, the Vertium Equity Income Fund comprises quality Australian companies with attractive valuations that pays consistent and sustainable distributions.

Manager Vertium Asset Management
Responsible entity Copia Investment Partners
Inception date May 2017
Benchmark S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
Objective • Greater income return than the benchmark yearly
• Lower absolute risk than the benchmark yearly
• Greater total return than the benchmark on a rolling five-year basis
Investment time frame  At least 5 years
Number of stocks 20 – 40
Distributions Quarterly
Investment amounts • Minimum initial investment: $50,000
• Minimum additional investment: $5,000
Fees Management fee: 0.97% p.a. (including GST net of RITC)
Suitable investors • Investors drawing down on their savings, such as retirees.
• Investors seeking lower-risk equity market exposure, such as pre-retirees.
• Investors seeking an active investment approach with an investment horizon of five years or more.
31 August 2017 1 month % 3 months % Since inception
% p.a. (May 17)
 Vertium Equity Income Fund
Income 0.00  0.13  0.13
Capital  0.93  1.64  1.37
Total return  0.93  1.77  1.50
S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
Total return  0.75  0.99  -1.78
Fund updates
Fund update | Month to Aug 2017
Fund update | Month to Jul 2017

The total return performance figures quoted are historical, calculated using soft close, end-of-month mid-prices and do not allow for the effects of income tax or inflation. Total returns assume the reinvestment of all distributions. The performance is quoted net of all fees and expenses. The index does not incur these costs. This information is provided for general comparative purposes. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Positive returns, which the Vertium Equity Income Fund (the Fund) is designed to provide, are different regarding risk and investment profile to index returns. This page is for general information purposes only and does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any specific individual. As such, before acting on any information contained on this page, individuals should consider whether the information is suitable for their needs. This may involve seeking advice from a qualified financial adviser. Copia Investment Partners Ltd (AFSL 229316, ABN 22 092 872 056) (Copia) is the issuer of the Vertium Equity Income Fund. A current PDS is available from Copia located at Level 25, 360 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000 or by calling 1800 442 129 (free call). A person should consider the PDS before deciding whether to acquire or continue to hold an interest in the Fund. Any opinions or recommendations contained on this page are subject to change without notice and Copia is under no obligation to update or keep any information contained on this page current.

Distribution frequency Quarterly
30 June 2017 distribution CPU (cents) 0.1251
Cum distribution exit price (AUD) 0.9968
Ex distribution exit price (AUD) 0.9955
Ex distribution NAV price used for reinvestment (AUD) 0.9980
Fund updates
Fund update | Month to Aug 2017
Fund update | Month to Jul 2017
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