Specialist Australian equity income manager

Vertium is a different class of investment manager.

Founded in 2017 by Jason Teh, one of Australia’s leading equity income investors, Vertium is a specialist Australian equity income investment manager focused on delivering Australians better investment outcomes in the lead-up to and during retirement.

Based in Sydney, the team brings together the extensive investment experience of:

Jason Teh
Chief Investment Officer

Tomas 2 crop

Tomas Vasquez
Portfolio Manager / Equity Analyst

Daniel Mueller
Portfolio Manager / Equity Analyst

Trent Crawley
Equity Analyst

Managing risk and preserving capital is central to our investment approach and guides our investment decisions. By putting the needs of our investors first, before making a decision we ask ourselves, ‘how much can we lose?’, rather than ‘how much can we make?’.

“Loss avoidance is the cornerstone of our investment philosophy. We prefer to miss out on opportunities than increase the risk of capital loss by chasing higher returns.”

Central to our investment process is scrutinising Australian companies in search of quality attributes at attractive valuations with the aim of delivering investors regular income and investment growth with less risk than the Australian share market.

“Our mission is to invest in Australian equities prudently and in a risk-controlled way for the long-term benefit of our investors.”

In partnership with Copia

We are a proud investment manager partner of Copia Investment Partners, an independent multi-boutique investment management group.

Copia provides the resources and infrastructure our team needs to prosper, including distribution, marketing, operations and compliance services, enabling us to focus solely on delivering our investors superior long-term investment outcomes.