Income from equities
with a focus on
capital preservation

The challenge for Australian income investors

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Increase in living costs p.a. for comfortable retirement1
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Decline in term deposit rates2
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Vertium income yield projected
over the medium term p.a.

Are you an investor wanting exposure to the equity market, but concerned about the loss of significant capital if markets decline?

The Vertium Equity Income Fund may be for you. It is designed to provide an attractive income stream of 6-8% p.a. through the market cycle, with a focus of lowering the risk and magnitude of any drawdown of your capital.

Capital preservation focus

Vertium has low market risk sensitivity (beta)

Attractive income yield

Dividends, franking credits plus conservative option income sustains high level of income

Defensive portfolio allocation

May be blended with other equity strategies, to potentially lower overall portfolio risk

The case for Vertium

Why equities?

Equities can offer investors a blend of yield, liquidity, franking and total returns that no other asset class can provide. But equity markets can be volatile, creating a difficult choice if you need higher income.

Why low risk equities?

By reducing the sensitivity of the equity investment to the equity market (known as Beta), the risk of capital loss can be reduced. This may potentially limit downside loss and help extend the lifetime of a retirement portfolio by many years.

Who is the fund designed for?

> Retirees and conservative investors
> Self-managed super funds
> Institutions seeking lower-risk diversification

Why Vertium for equity income?

Focus on capital preservation

Vertium has the lowest market risk sensitivity (beta) compared to peers3

Our Experience

An experienced Sydney-based fund manager with a long term industry track record

Equity income is all we do

One of the few equity income specialists in Australia, with a 100% focus on low-risk equity income

Committed to service your needs

Supported by its distribution and business partner Copia

Vertium CIO Jason Teh provides a wrap-up for the most recent quarter

Reducing equity market sensitivity may help preserve capital!

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Meet the team

Jason Teh

Chief Investment Officer

MFin, BSc

Tomas Vasquez

Portfolio Manager / Equity Analyst

BEng, MAppFin, CFA

Daniel Mueller

Portfolio Manager / Equity Analyst

BCom, GDipAppFin, CA, CFA

Trent Crawley

Equity Analyst


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  1. Based on ASFA Retirement Standard benchmark for comfortable retirement now $61,061pa for couple – 4 years to March 2019
  2. Source: RBA, based on $10,000 deposit for 12 months over past 9 years
  3. Source: Morningstar Direct comparison of Australian Equity Income Funds from the period April 2017 to July 2019, after fees. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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